About our Rice

There are 4 main parts of rice grain.


A grain of rice is a seed that contains an embryonic rice plant, stored food and a protective coat. 

The husk (hull) is the outer strow-like protecting covering that surrounds the entire grain.


It is inedible and must be removed before the grain can be seen.

Beneath the husk is the bran germ. The germ is the plant embryo from which a plant emerges. 

The bran layer include layer of fibrous tissues with protein, vitamins, minerals and oil.

The bran germ and endosperm are edible portion of the grain.

In the milling process the inedible husk is removed to make brown rice

If the rice is further milled to remove the bran and germ the result is white rice.


Rice bran contains 65percent of nutrients containing vitamins, , minerals, oils, wax, ,antioxidants, phytoterants and phytochemicals.

It is also an energy-dense high protein, high fiber, low sodium, low sugar, gluten and lactose free. Non allergenic and non –GMO.


Rice bran is high antioxidant and dietary fiber including amazing heart-friendly compound of “gamma oryzanol"  Saranrom has developed the rice milling process to ensure that all nutrition are retained into the bran and leaving it free of chemical.


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