Hom Mali Rice

Thai Hom Mali Rice

The Miracle Aromotic Rice of Thailand

Thai Hom Mali Rice is the fragrance rice from Thailand.

It’s aroma like the pandanus plant and white like jasmine flower.

Thai Hom Mali Rice is the traditional rice variety in Thailand which can grow in the Northern and North Eastern of Thailand.

There are two Thai rice varieties : Khao Dawk Mali 105 (KDML 105) and RD 15 that fitted in the concept of Thai Hom Mali Rice.

The General characteristic of Thai Hom Mali Rice

  • Rice variety                               Photo-sensitive
  • Physical character                    Long, slim, transparent shinny, Silky smooth, tender texture when cooked and aroma.
  • Yield                                             2-3 ton./na.
  • % Amylose                                 12-17%

Size of Brown rice

  • Length                                               7.4 mm.
  • Width                                                 2.1 mm.
  • Thickness                                          1.8 mm.
  • Cooking character                         Soft and aroma

Agronomical character:

  • Plant height                                        140-150 cm.
  • Flag leaf                                            has wide angle with the stem
  • Rice Hull                                            Straw yellow color
  • Flowering date                                about 15-20 October
  • Harvesting date                              about 15-20 November

Thai Hom Mali Rice

  1. Tolerance to flood and drought
  2. Tolerance to acid soil and saline soil
  3. Highly % of head rice (full filled grains)

Taste of Thai Hom Mali Rice

  • After cooking, it’s taste is soft and sweet from tongue through throat and stomach.
  • During cooking, the miracle aromatic will flow from house to house.
  • This miracle aromatic is beautiful rice in and out which you can touch by your eyes and your feeling.
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Hom Mali Rice
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