Organic Rice

Thai rice has been responsible for structuring the thai culture, diet and economies for many  centuries.

In fact, the United Nation General Assembly noted that rice is the staple food of more than half of the world population.

Ninety percent of the world crop is grown and consumed in Asia. The majority of rice consumed is in the form of white white rice, however, brown rice has greater nutrition food value.

Since the outer brown layer (bran) contain high level of phytonutrients, proteins and minerals, wheras the white endosperm is only cabohydrate.

In Asia, Thailand rice is the most important crop to million of small farmers who cumulative cultivate it on significant areas of land.

To many landless workers who income from working on the farmland. 

Saranrom researcher, Mr Samak and our team are at the forefront and involve in all step and at the forefront of organic rice, soil and water chemical free.  We continue developing farming method with farmers.

We are directly working with our farmers to alleviate the poverty.

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